Adding a Firmware-controlled LED to the board and power supply

Hi Folk,
I have modified the printhead of my K8400 to have 2 nozzles, one for FDM and one for DIW, I have managed to control both with no problems using the dual head firmware.
Being a bit ambitious now, and for the sake of my PhD, I am trying to add a LED that can be controlled by the main board and be controlled as a 3rd toolhead I have the LED, the LED constant current drive and I am thinking on getting a voltage converter (if needed). The main problem is that I have no knowledge about arduino and I have not been able to either find a free +15 V pin that I can control (activate and deactivate using G-Code).

I recur to you to ask if any of you have tried or know how to set this 3rd toolhead and as well to know if you guys have any idea if there are free pins for my needs.

Any advise and support will be greatly appreciated.


Hello Mvilleda,

Maybe this topic can help you further:

Velleman Support