Adding spectrum analyzer switch to PCSGU250 dll

I work on software which use PCSGU250 dll and i really need way switch osciloscope mode to spectrum analyzer mode, but i found that dll do not support this.
Is there are any chances You guys to implent this feature ? .Basically there should be only two additional function like “setMode(osciloscope/spectrum)” and “frequencyRange(range)” because what i found is that when i change mode manually to “spectrum” in gui, then functions “ReadCh1/2” returns fft data, but i need a programatical way to achieve this switch.

I think the function ‘setMode’ can be quite easily be added to the DLL.
You can use the existing function ‘Time’ to set the frequency range.
I’ll post here information when ready.

awesome, I’m happy to hear that :heart_eyes:
So i’m waiting for news, i’ll test it when it will be ready

Now the function Mode(ScopeFFT) is added to the DLL.
ScopeFFT is 32 bit integer.
0: Oscilloscope
1: Spectrum analyzer

Here is the link to download the updated files:

The following files are updated:

In the demo there are added buttons to test the new option.
The demo source code is included to the package too.

I’ve just tested it and it works fine
So big thanks for Your support, i’m happy to be Your client :heart_eyes:

OK - No problem.
Thank you for the feedback!