Advice printer setting for upper layers


Hello, can someone help me with the next problem? It has been fine with the printer for ages, but since a few days this problem has occurred. The first layers seem to be going well. It seems the more he goes up in height it will look worse. There are many settings in Slic3r, but how do I set it up best should the retraction up? down? i work with a 3d printer velleman k8200, rehearser v0.95f, Slice3r





That doesn’t appear to be a slicing problem. The vertical ridges on the center part indicate maybe a loose mechanical problem.

I would start by checking the print bed bolts to ensure that it doesn’t vibrate. I find that it helps to set the bed level as close to the aluminum support plate as you can go to cut down on vibration.

Next, make sure the belts and pulleys on your X and Y axes are tight and straight. If the pulley at one end of the belt is out of line, sometimes the teeth on the belt will cause ridges to appear in the print output.

Finally, can you tell whether this is happening at a certain height, or is it related to the amount of time spent printing? (Try printing a larger object?) If the printer is failing at the same height, I would look for a mechanical cause. If the print is failing after a consistent amount of time, I might expect an electrical problem, perhaps one of your stepper controllers is running too hot. You could check the reference voltages on your steppers (should be in the 0.45v - 0.55v range for the A4988, but not over 0.6v) to make sure they are not set too low or too high.


You really need to follow the Doctors advice.
My question is how old is your filament?
I have tried to print with some very old filament that was left out and did not get the desired results.