Analog synth DIY modules


dear friends,
last years has been interesting times to build my analog module synthesizer. IT consists about 12 large wooden modules with pin matrix and panels.
Of course there are lot of modules around to buy but my interest is
mostly related to find new ways of using the Velleman KIT modules as synthesizer modules.
But circuits need to be bend and wires re-routed to have something what really works
I had some success with few types and some of circuits are really waiting to explore…

done or bended till today are the next items:

  1. MK125 as comparator to clean up the incoming signal
  2. MK136 as VCA with LDR control
  3. MK139 as A/R envelope generator
  4. MK 152 as special purpose sequencer
  5. MK 138 or K8067 as differential signal amp
  6. MK109 as possible PLL VCO
  7. K8044 as sequencer
  8. K3400 as frequency divider with schmitt trigger in input. Also has possible application as PLL VCO
  9. K8004 as PWM harmonic generator. THis is really a beast !
  10. K2573 as dual/series MFB- configurated filter with / 6db/oct. It means 12db/oct in series.
  11. K4306 as analog quantizer. Yes, thats it what really does with K8067.

If you have any interest to explore, when you can ask and Im trying to send information about.


Hello, this is just the type of resource I like to see. I’m also trying to adapt kits I find around, and apply them to synth - results vary but thats an aspect of hobby electronics I like.
Would you recommend any of these in particular? The K8004 has been advertised as a beast, so surely it slays. Otherwise, any easy to relay advice on bending/modifying these sorts of projects to work in a synth?