Android application for VM204



Where can I find the Android application for VM204?
There are no results for search for Velleman VM204 in Google Play :frowning:


We’re aware of this.
We’re trying to get it back available asap.


The app is available now


Cette version ne fonctionne pas sur le Web


What problem are you experiencing?


Hi everybody.
I have installed the VM204 in my home computer. Also updated the software. My problem is that I can not reach the VM204 with the mobile phone’s app (android 6.0.1 mobile MOTO g III) When scanning, it searches for a few seconds, then no answer. I have tried to change port, also checked all threads on this forum, but find no solution. The manual is very poor? Have also received help from other people who I believe are knowledgeable, they say that the it must be something wrong with the APP. Have also tried the Iphone. Also tried installing VM204 in another network, but the problem persists. The apps do not work. Someone who has serious answers to this ??

Bought VM204 at Kjell & company for some days ago.
Considering leaving back VM204 to store.
Niklas from Sweden


What do you mean by “installing in my home computer”.
Did you try using the PC software?
How is the card connected in your network?

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I meant that i connected VM204 to my router. After that i downloaded from your webbsite Installed software ,and after that i upgraded software to 1.2.1.
Now i can contact VM 204 with my computor.
But when i try to scan with my mobilephone nothing happens.
I am in the same network by wifi, but no connection to VM204 is discoverd by your app.
I read your manual carfully, but no succes
So what to do to reach VM204 from app?


from which phone do you scan?
Samsung are known to block the scanning service


It is a Motorola Moto G III


I am unable to connect to the application due to the problem in the internet connectivity and was showing as this connection failed with error 651 which is an unknown problem to me.


Can you post a screenshot of it?

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