Another printng issue

I have had a K8400 3D printer for 1 month and almost all of my printings ends like this … I have adjusted the tension of the belts and the parallelism of the bars but I can’t find a solution. I deeply regret my purchase.

This is probably a problem with the motherboard’s cooling. Try putting on a fan

thx for your help, I will add a fan to try.


I had this problem a few years ago,
my solution was to direct the fan from the bottom to the motherboard with this:
to change and properly adjust all motor drivers and put small radiators on each,
Have ALWAYS a few spare parts,
The K8400 remains a superb printer after 4/5 years, almost daily use.

Hello Gloux,

The main reason for layer shifting (printhead jammming) is that the printhead shafts, and shafts are misaligned. Not the reason of cooling steppers or motherboard.

Follow the PDF see link: ,
to solve the problem.

If this don’t help, you can also send back the printer to your local dealer for repair or send it back to us for repair.

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