Assembling MOUNTED vertex nano

Hi guys! I bought a 3d nano printer MOUNTED version…and it is great to see 90% is MOUNTED but the switch and the extruder is not. As i am quite technical profile i think i can do it my self. however i have been watching videos and papers and i have see that they mount the printer from SCRATCH …another thing is i suppose that the extruder is already mounted inside to save space together with the engine but …What should i do? should i unscrew the engine and extract that piece? Do you have any video tutorial for the MOUNTED version of the printer? Before starting and breaking anything i would like to have your advice. Thanks a lot for your help. note: with a little bit of packaging skills the printer could be mounted 100%.

I will start to try to assemble the last parts this afternoon so it would be nice a quick answer to avoid breaking anything!
Thanks again. I hope to be posting soon new creations!


Here’s the manual for finishing your Nano.
There should be a paper in the box which directs you to our manuals website.
Anyway here’s the link to the manual

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THANKS A LOT! that is exactly what i was looking for.

i could not find it in the box. Thanks again!