Auto home not centred

I’ve yet to get a print out of my new Delta :frowning: I’m having problems with head crashes on auto calibrate, but I’ve also noticed that in the home position, the print head is offset to the left (looking at it). I measured the height of the sleds from the top and the right hand one is a good 2cm lower than the left. My belts are tight, my rods are all the same length with the cups threadlocked in. All the end stop sensors are approx 5mm away from the top pulley and within a couple of mm of each other from the absolute top. Something must be out of whack, but I can’t see what it is.

Verify that the magnetic balls are not dislodging from their designated sockets at either end of any rod.

Check your piezo sensitivity by tapping the bed and watching the LED while you adjust the sensitivity knob.

Make sure all of your piezos work by taking the glass off the bed and gently tapping each piezo. You should have similar sensitivity out of all 3.

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My configuration was completely out of whack. I selected ‘Initialise EEPROM’ (as I thought I couldn’t end up in a worse situation) and Home then became balanced with all sleds the same height from the top.

I’m now getting no PLA out of the nozzle, the feed is clicking but that’s another problem :slight_smile:

Thanks for the advice.