Bad result with k8400

Hello everybody.
I having issues with the vertex k8400.
The print quality is too bad.
Things I done:
Tighting up the large x and y belt.
Cleaned the nozzle.
Can you please help me.

What type of material is this? PLA?
I assume the back part of the ship is the side where the fan between the noozles isn’t blowing to.
Beside this I think the print temperature is too high and the layer time too low. Try to increase the layer time to let the material cool down a bit before you print the next layer. I’m quite surprised to see a nice chimney, would expect this to be melded a bit as well.

Thank you for your answer. The material is silver pla. I would try it tomorrow. The print temperature is 200 degrees. What do you mean with layer time. Do you mean the total print speed?

I’m using Cura and there is a setting called layer time. The cooling of the material is a bit bad with the standard design of the K8400, even with the fan on max speed. The outside direction of the noozle is cooled less than the inside part (between the noozles). Decreasing the layer time provides more time for the material to cool a bit, which usually decreases these hang over issues like on the back of the ship. Reducing speed isn’t helping since the heat of the noozle prevents the cooling of the material.
200 degree sounds not too bad for PLA but you can try to lower it a bit to 195 or even 190, depending on environment temperature.