Beginner, trying to use spectrum analyzer function

I have a PCSGU 250 unit and I am using it for audio amplifier measuring purposes. I managed to measure the frequency response using bode plotter and I’m trying to figure out how to measure THD in dB or percentage of the amplifier using the spectrum analyzer. Is there a way to have THD displayed on screeen in percentage? Some screenshots will help a lot. Thanks.

I’m sorry, there is no such option in the PCSGU250.

You can use the markers to check the amplitude of harmonics.

I see. Any plans to introduce this feature in next software upgrade?
It will be very useful tool to have.

Thank you for the suggestion to upgrade the PCSGU250 software.
The feature you suggested may be taken in consideration to be added to the future updates, but at the moment we have no plans to update the PCLAB2000LT.