Broken Micro B port

I Accidentally left the micro b cable in when moving my K8200 and it pulled the port off of the circuit board,i have tried to re-solder it but it pulled the red tabs off as well, does anyone know where i can find a replacement port or how i can fix this?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

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Unfortunately, this is a common problem due to the lack of strain relief on the USB cable. (For future reference, it is a good idea to use a tie wrap to anchor the USB cable to the printer frame to protect against this kind of damage.)

Did the connector break, or did the traces lift from the PC board?

If it is a broken USB connector, you may be able to get one from your local electronics supply shop, or online from DigiKey or Mouser.

If the traces lifted off the circuit board, you may have to do some careful repair. I use light gauge “teflon coated wire-wrap wire” for this kind of repair. Follow the traces back, use a razor blade to scrape away the protective coating, and restore the broken electrical connections.

You can also replace the controller board. Velleman sells the replacement controller board, or you can use the controller for the K8400, or you can use an Arduino Mega 256 and a RAMPS I/O shield.

If you post more details about your situation, I can help you find more information.

I Think it’s just the connector but there were these little red tab things that the feet of the connector were soldered on to and they came off aswell.

I looks like you might be able to fix that
If you’re careful you might be able to glue the feet down and solder the connectors.

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Yes, I second what Wrong_Way said. You only need to solder the five small electrical contacts. The four pads are primarily for physical support of the connector housing. You might be able to use hot glue to secure the connector to the board.

Be sure to add some strain relief on the cable - maybe some tie-wraps - to prevent repeat damage.

As an alternative I saved some pictures that someone posted a few years ago in case this happened to mine. Remember I have not tried this.

I hope one of these might help


thanks that’s really helpful, do you know where you got the top image from or who posted it?

It is on this forum somewhere.
Maybe as early as 2013
I just kept the picture in case it happened to mine.