Building a Heatbed for K8800


Thank you for sharing this information.
I think that the BIQU heat bed will not fit into K8800.

So I ordered the MOSFET some NTC and this bed:



Which Arduino Board should I choose when recompiling the software?


If I’m not mistaken, all of the Velleman 3D printer boards are programmed as “Arduino Mega 2560” boards.


Hi all,

sorry I am on parental leave, so there are some more important things to be done than 3d printing :wink:

Are there still questions regarding the heat bed?
The K8800 can be programmed as Mega2560 without issues - just keep my comments about the Arduino IDE version in mind.

Overall my solution works but I am not to happy since the auto bed leveling quite often does not work correctl (nose is ramped into the bed). One reason might be that the spacers are not perfect, expecially when the heat bed is at >60°C they might get to soft so that the bumps are not detected.

Maybe next week, latest christmas I will play around with an inductive sensor and replace the standard bed leveling solution. Might be the best approach with an aluminium heated bed…


Hey do you still need the supports? I can share the .stls but as I have written I am not totally happy with the current solution


@SurviKnows yes please share your .stls on Thingiverse then I can share mine from your photo reverse engineered ones as remixes.
I’m still waiting for my heated bed from China.

Did you change the deltaheight in the firmware? Maybe that fixes the issue.
Should that inductive sensor not be perpendicular to the bed? Can it be closer to the nozzle?

Congrats and all the best to your little maker!