Building the K8055 DLL

I am trying to build the K8055 DLL from the source code using Delphi 5. I have downloaded (and I think installed!) the JEDI JvHIDController but I still get a message saying 'File not found ‘HidControllerClass.dcu’. Can anyone advise me on ths?
I am reasonably familiar with BCB6 but this is my first play with Delphi, I am hoping to add extra functions to the the DLL.

You may try this latest DLL v. source code to compile:
This version needs no JvHIDController.

That seems to build OK, thanks.

I see in that code that the procedure OutIn closes the device handles and sets open[CardNumber] to false, if the IO fails. A function that returns the current value of open[CardNumber] would be useful to detect loss of connection.

Now a function “Connected” is added to the K8055D.DLL v4.0.0.2.
The return value is Boolean.
Here you can download the new DLL with the source code:
A demo program is included to the package to check the operation of this new function.

This Connected function doesn’t just use the value of open[CardNumber].
The function checks if the card returns its card number.
If no number is returned, the Connected function returns “False” else “True”.

Nice, Thank you.

Thank you even more for publishing the DLL code. I haven’t written Pascal in over 25 years, but it’s still easy enough to read.

Based on that information I was able to implement the desired IO routines in C from scratch. I now have a command line utility to monitor and control a K8055 that works under Windows (compiled with MinGW against setupapi.dll) and FreeBSD (using libusb 1.0 there). Should work under Linux too. I will create a separate thread after thoroughly testing it and publish the code.

Since I now know how the whole thing is accessed from C, it would be fairly simple to create a fully compatible drop in replacement for the K8055D.DLL written in C compiled with MinGW. This would eliminate the need for a commercial Pascal compiler to build the DLL. It would also make a available for Linux/FreeBSD at no extra cost. If there is any interest in that, let me know.

know that is a rather post, but if still active I have interest in Linux (Raspberry) DLL library and C Windows one. Could you please share the source for knowledge?
Thanks for your time!