Burned fourth pin on extruder board

Hello everyone,

I used my printer for a year and a half now. And yesterday, when I started a print, I smelled something burned. I immediately stop my print and see that on my extruder board there are some burn marks on the 10 pin cable plug. I remove the plug and see that the fourth pin is burned. I don’t know what is wrong with it. When I put my printer on again, it started burning again. And lights began to turn off again, looking like it was shorting.

What do I do?



I have the same problem with the third and fourth pin. Did you find anything to fix your issue ?


Found a solution.
Pins 3 and 4 are for Extruder #1 Heater.
For me, pin 3, with time, became worse and worse and the wire degraded himself until it was too thin to allow current (2.2A) to correctly go through. So, less section, more amps per mm2 and started to heat and finally broke… This is why it tooked me more and more time last days (weeks) to go to wanted temperature.

So, to fix it, I just removed the 3rd pin wire (grey) and the wire broke and the pin stayed in the plug…
Anyway, I took a small wire, soldered it on the 3rd pin, on the other side of the PCB because I want to continue to use the plug for all others pins.
The wire I added, I also soldered it to the grey wire and add some heatshrink to secure everything.
Now, everything is working fine and the nozzle heats now faster than few days ago, like it is brand new!

Here’s a picture of what I soldered

I had a similar situation. Heating up time took longer and longer, and I often manually stopped the fans, to stop any cooling down. That was enough at first, but then while printing, temperature started going down towards 150 degrees C, and filament would get stuck. I solved this by lowering the speed of the fans to 20%.

And now the green connectors that the wires of the heater element connect to came completely loose! It is burned black and it desoldered itself from the extruder board.

I’ll also make a direct connection to the extruder board and see what happens.