Calibration stuck on 50%


Hi there
I’ve just assembled my EDU09 and hooking it up to my pc.
The calibration began when i opened the software, but it is now stuck on 50% complete.
It says “Acquiring data” in the little field right to the Level label on the Trigger settings.

I hasn’t been successful in finding a similar issue on here - is this something you guys have seen before?


Indeed, no similar issue reported.
There may be some sort of compatibility, software or file problem (corrupted file).
You may try new download and uninstall and reinstall the software.
Can you test in other PC?

You can try also following solution:

  • Run the software EDU09.exe
    The software suggests the calibration.
  • Click Cancel button.
  • Now select in the File menu “Restore Default Settings & Exit”
  • Now run again the EDU09.exe and Click Cancel button when calibration is suggested.
    Now you should be able to test the EDU09 operation.

To test the operation:
Click the Run button

  • Connect the red and black clips of the test leads together.
  • The trace should be now “running” in the middle of the screen.
    Click Volt/Div buttons
  • The trace should be on all the Volt/Div ranges in the middle of the screen.


Okay, i tried on another computer, and it works fine, calibration succesfull and i calibrated it with my power-supply as outlined in the manual.

so somehow the EDU09 software is becoming unresponsive on my main-computer after 2-5 seconds.
something you have experienced before? - i don’t have any other issues with this pc - ie this is the first piece of software behaving like this.


Strange problem indeed.
Does the EDU09 software run in demo mode on this PC when the EDU09 is unplugged?


[quote=“VEL255”]Strange problem indeed.
Does the EDU09 software run in demo mode on this PC when the EDU09 is unplugged?[/quote]
Yes it appears so.
Runs fine, and stays responsive.
With the EDU09 plugged in, if i opt out of the calibration it still gets unresponsive.
It might (read might) be because my machine is actually a VM running off of an unraid instance. meaning the USB layer is virtually passed from one machine to another.
It could be that while other USB devices functions okay, the EDU09 might not behave well in this configuration.

… I’ll try doing a USB bus passthrough, which should eliminate the virtual layer altogether.


Thank you for the info.
Indeed, the USB connection may be the cause of the problem…


Not sure if this could be the problem but would like to throw it out there.
Are you trying to use it on USB 3.0?