Camcoli6 wifi inspektionskamera für smartphone und tablet

I am looking for a camera for finding hidden rust in my car. This camera looks interesting:

  1. Good: The screenshot shows what appears to be rust in a cavity. Is the picture genuine? Is the colour rendition indeed good enough to clearly show up rust against other dirt? In spite of the automatic white adjustment?

  2. Good: The grip is almost coaxial with the gooseneck (pistol grips are clumsy and they facilitate damage to the joint)

  3. WiFi is good - no cables + separate monitor does not turn with the camera. My laptop has WiFi but you only mention Android, iOS Smartphone or Tablet. Can I still get the picture on my laptop?

Some other features that i am looking for:

  1. Wide angle of view - at least 90°. Advantages 1. better orientation, 2. greater depth of focus.

  2. Good illumination, adjustable, not more than 6 000 K (daylight), less would be better for finding rust.

  3. 60° screw-on mirror looking slightly backwards, with a round nose to get past obstacles. (A mirror sticking out on a wire is wobbly and easily gets stuck/is damaged.)

  4. Mirror image correction feature (software).

  5. Menu for colour/brightness/contrast adjustment with memory for preferred settings. Automatic white adjustment can cause problems!

  6. Button on the grip for snapshots and videos, so you don’t have to let go.

  7. Grip that is concentric with gooseneck. Needs less space when rotating. The leverage that a pistol grip provides invites overloading and damage. It is supposed to be a precision instrument, not a weapon!

  8. Grip that can be moved along the gooseneck? (You often don’t need the full length and it can get in the way.)

  9. Camera diameter 8 mm or less. The smaller the better, as long as the picture is OK. Max. 6 mm is required to pass through 8-mm clip holes in car bodywork at an angle.

  10. Interchangeable goosenecks: semi-rigid, flexible, combined semi-rigid-flexible (don’t know yet what would be best).

  11. Numbered marks every 10 cm along the gooseneck starting at the camera.

Have you got what i want? Have you got my ideal endoscope?