Cannot connect VMA405 to an M-Duino19+


I’m trying to connect the VM405 to an M-Duino 19+. I connect the device like they said in the manual, exept that I connect the RST_PIN to the pin3 and I conenct the SS_PIN to the pin2.


This is the table from the program with the port where I should connect the pin.

   MFRC522                              Arduino   
  Reader/PCD                             Mega    

RST/Reset ___________________ RST 5

SPI SS _____________________ SDA(SS) 53

SPI MOSI ___________________ MOSI 51

SPI MISO ___________________ MISO 50

SPI SCK ____________________ SCK 52

Is there any option able to modify the port of the SPI MOSI / SPI MISO / SPI SCK ?
or do you have any idea to solved my issue ?