Cctvprom7 - "invalid license!"


I’ve got a problem with my CCTVPROM7 security set:

  • there is an information on the LCD screen: " INVALID LICENSE!",
  • on the circuit board, 3 red LEDs are on,
    -when I try to connect it to my PC by DVR_Client, there is an information : “There is not any DVR Format Disk!”
    What could be the problem?
    Pictures below.
    Thanks for your help


You should post your question in this link.


Ok, sorry
Thank You for your help :slight_smile:


No need to apologize.
just trying to help :slight_smile:


Hi, Do you solve your problem?

I’m in the same situation but following link provided by Worng_Way didn’t help neither because I got a captcha error related to webmaster so I cannot send support form



Try this link


You will get help from
Try the steps to solve your problem. Once you get to know about the steps then perform it once with your browser to solve it.