Contact kit k8041

hi, i need help, i have to put the 8041 relay on a dental motor. it has a microswitch that in stop position there is 24v and when it is in start position will be 0v. it is a motor for saliva suction. it is a problem? or the relay need a smoothly contact ?

what are you trying to do?
Just control the motor on/off?
Because this wil delay the on/off function.

I would to cool the motor when it is on and some minute after stop. The switch that turn on motor has 24v in sleep position and 0v in on position i can use the same switch or i have to put a new switch only for relay?


Like this

Is that 24VDC or AC ?

A/c, it came from motor board, when i close the switch is 0v

I just checked with other engineers and it seems like the 24Vac wouldn’t be enough to pwer the kit.
It needs 110-240Vac

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It isn’t the 24v to power the relay… Just the contact instead to be a simple smooth switch inside there is 24v it is a problem this tension inside the circuit? See the scheme