Custom size mk3 heatbed


I have 32 heatbeds left if someone would like to get one. Check the first post in the thread.

// Marlark


How fast do you reach 100 or 110 degrees C?


@ Malark


I wonder sometimes if you have any custom heat beds still in stock?
Since I’m interested to buy one. If it still can, what are the paypal data (how can i buy this with paypal).

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Hey everyone,

Someone else has trouble too with slow heating from the heated bed?

I tried already 3 different power supplies 12V (15A, 25A, 30A).

Used it via an power-expander:

I also tried direct to power supply, same result.

The first 50°C degrees go ± fast, from 50°C to 68°C speed is ok, above 68°C its really slow.

After 35 min still only 70°C.

Any suggestions someone? Different cable? Broken heated bed? …?

What time does it take in your case to warm up to 100°C?

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How fast do you reach 100 or 110 degrees C?[/quote]

I counted the time yesterday for the heatbed reaching 100 °C from room temperature (20 °C) which took almost exactly 5 Minutes.

for me thats more then quick enough to be honest.

Maybe youre wiring is faulty ? even with the power expander it was somewhere equaly fast with my printer heating up.


Wow nico that is slow. What Watt size is the psu your using for the heatbed?

// Marlark


Im down to 25 heatbeds left now :wink:


Are they still available?

I would like to know how to get one.




Maybe by reading Marlark his opening post :stuck_out_tongue:


How many bed are still available ?


Does anyone have any news from Marlark?


Seems he hasn’t been to the forum, lately. Maybe send an email to his address, noted in the post above here?


I received a first mail from him. I made the paypal transfer then i returned several emails to him but no more answer from him …


[quote=“Marlark”]Wow nico that is slow. What Watt size is the psu your using for the heatbed?

// Marlark[/quote]

The problem is solved :slight_smile: No problem with my extra PSU but a bad soldering. Resolderd everything and problem is fixed :smiley:


Marlark ?


Maybe you did it already, but otherwise best send a new email with all confirmations enabled (delivery & read) - see what that gives. Normally, Marlark is fairly quick to respond…


Responded and solving it asap :slight_smile: Dont understand hos i managed to miss the payment. :frowning:


Are they still available?


Yes i have a couple left. :slight_smile:


Just got mine in the mailbox, quick delivery and everything looks very good. Just as promised, thanks!