Customised PCGU01 Control panel

Hi, I’ve just ordered the PCGU01 and installed the PCGU01 control Software.
I wonder if there are opportunities to obtain or create a different more extended Control Panel.
I have noticed an old thread by Cliffyc here

Cliffyc had created a new Control panel in Visual Basic for the PCGU1000 in 2008.
I wondered if somebody has performed a similar job for the PCGU01 on Windows 10.
Note: The exe files that Cliffyc has created are now considered as possible viruses by Windows 10 and it refuses to run them.
I want to be able to store multiple configuration and put names on them that are displayed on the console.

Any help is highly appreciated

At the moment there is no DLL available to control the operation of the PCGU01 from within another program.
I’m sorry - now the only choice is to use the accompanying control software.

Thanks for your quick response. I found the option to save Wave sequences and I will give the text file the required name or create a sequence of frequencies.

No problem. I hope you’ll find the Wave Sequence as a useful option.