Delta K8800 experiences - pros and cons

Hi Everyone,

I’m interested in buying a vertex k8800-bt but I can’t seem to find any reviews about it which worries me a bit. I have no clue if it is a good value.

I see alot of topics about issues which is suspicious to me.

Currently a local webshop is selling it for 300€. So this will help choosing between a chinese brand or velleman

Any thoughts? Could anyone share their experiences with the K8800 or with velleman printers in general?

Thank you

I just bought and installed it. Wanted to buy Belgian and not Chinese. Velleman is the best option but you need to assemble it yourself. Not very hard but you need to keep concentrated. First 3 prints no problem but my fourth started oozing, so I’m looking for a solution fot that now. That’s why I’m on the forum now.

I just ordered an ender 3. Velleman failed to convince me in buying one. I love the idea of a buying a local product but the community is just to inactive.

I just bought one because I also wanted something European made. This is actually made in Taiwan.

I installed it, made the first test print and the filament got tangled at the last 99% and after that nothing worked no more. The print head rams into the print bed at the beginning of the print and the magnetic rods start falling apart.

I am now looking for solutions everywhere to see what’s wrong, no one answered yet.