Display shows dark regions

I wonder what is causing this? Today I realized that the display got some dark regions (see image). It seems to be from the inside caused, does not interfere with the display as such, but looks ugly. My Delta isn’t old yet or anything got into it. Any ideas what I can do?

Did you use a lot of oil?
You shouldn’t be worried.
But yes it doesn’t look good :frowning:
We do have some printers here with the same symptoms

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Yes, I used oil, but kept it on the rods - not the plastic nor the digital parts. It is rather strange that it shows up - and I believe it is a display element issue. It doesn’t harm the prints or electronics, but looks „uncool“… can it be replaced with a good one ?!

If it doesn’t help to change the LCD contrast to 25 instead of 40% in the menu:
(Settings => LCD contrast => set value to 25.), there’s something wrong with the LCD.

If so, let us know, we can send a new one. Just tell us your postal address.

Velleman Support.

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I have the same issue on that contrast level, so I contact you by DM…

Problem solved.
I swapped the original display unit with the new Velleman replacement unit, and now all looks great!
Thank you for sending the replacement unit - really great Velleman customer service!
So, I thought I do some root cause analysis.

Root Cause: Oil sucked up into the display.

Background Information:
I investigated my setup and realized, that some oil from the rods must have leaked to the bottom of the metal plate - and somehow reached the display area.
Since the glass display was touching the metal surface, the adhesion effect must have sucked up the oil into the display area. Nothing serious, since oil is not conductive; however it looked awful.

As a precaution, I slightly increased the height (just a few millimeters) on the front two rubber foots than on the back foot. So just in case oil gets down the rods again, it might just “flow” towards the back of the Delta. The bed leveling takes care of this - at least so far.

Replacement lined up

New Display Unit - Nice