Doesn't want to print properly


Guys, I have a really hard time with delta 8800.
It was great after the assembly. Machine was printing right away.
But something happened and printer started to scratch printing surface. It didn’t want to calibrate itself, engines made a sound like fart (:slight_smile: ), I checked the piezos, was fine. I made multiple test. I even disassembled the machine and put together once more.
Sometimes engines seems like clogging /jamming. I checked the lubrication and belts (condition and how strong it is stretched). It seems fine. Moved by hand goes smoothly.
When I start print after the calibration (and store settings) it bums the the printing bed during heating filament and when it starts to print looses calibration completely. It looks like right after the calibration printer subtracts like 5 mm.
You can see my struggle under the following link:!AiSKEhFhxvUSk_8LJNFAbTNUJpEFEQ
There are a couple films and pictures describing,what i’m dealing with. At the end I attached pictures to show, where is XYZ after fault print and where it is after the calibration. If it is not obvious I explain, the printhead hits surface and tries to go about 5 mm below the surface.

I read all the forum and I didn’t found solution to the problem.


Please check this :slight_smile:

Step 3: place the finished bed plate on top of the 3 piezos.

Make sure the bed is not pinched by the 3 grey alignment studs. It should fit with a bit of clearance so the calibration routine can nudge the bed slightly. If however (due to manufacturing tolerances) the bed is pinched tightly between these studs, scrape a small amount of plastic from 1 of these studs until the bed fits loosely.


It looks like after the nozzle is primed and gets ready to print the buildtak separates from the glass. is the buildtak fully stuck to the glass?
Also when it goes through the calibration a few times the LED did not light.
Maybe the Piezos are not set sensitive enough.