E3d v6 hotend on k8400


Hello everyone
I wanted to install a new e3d hotend (12v) on my Vertex k8400, but i’m confused…
Do i need a better/second PSU for that? Because the “default” one is 15v 3A… I don’t really know how that stuff works, so can someone just please give me a straight-up answer?
Thank you very much


I used the cartridge from Velleman in stead of the one from E3D to avoid this problem :wink:



Yes, i know i could do that… But what if i used the E3D one? And also, would it be possible to run the whole printer off a 12v PSU, or does it need 15v?


If you use a 12V heater on 15V you will increase the current that flows through the heater.
We don’t know if the mainboard can handle that, some users on this forum reported it isn’t a problem but I don’t take the risk.

Theoretically it would be possible to run the entire printer on 12V but the mainboard wasn’t designed for that and the stepper motors will have less power then on 15V…

If you want to use the E3Dv6 heater on 12V I suggest you add a MOSFET between the heater output of the mainboard and the heater itself which get his power from a separate 12V power supply (digi-bert on this forum uses this setup I think).



Ok, Thank you very much for your answers, Dylan!


Yes i do.
I use a lot of the cheap E3D-Klones from Banggood, wich include the 40 Watt Heatercartridge (at 12 Volt), each with different nozzle premounted to change them fast. I like my strong hotends !

Please see thread “changing the heater cartridge from 21W to 40W possible?”
and “E3Dv6 on K8400 (Dual head)”
on this forum.