Earth Listener power supply

I have built the Earth Listener. It works fine (haven’t tested the lighhtning sensor yet, though).
However, when I replaced the 5V USB power supply by a 6.5 V == power source, I found that the temperature was far too low, and seemingly not changing.
When I went back to USB, it was more or less OK again.
Is the reading of the sensors dependen on the power? 6.5V is within the specs of the Arduino!

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We have test the Earth Listener via an external power supply (6V DC / 1A )
and it works well. The temperature measurement are ok. No to far or low in comparison with USB power supply or USB from PC.

I think Your external power supply does not have enough power. The VM211 consumes 400mA.
What was the power of Your 6,5V power adaptor? If it less than 0,4A (400mA), then this can result in not correct working sensors.

All the sensors are powered with 3V3 via the power converter on sensor board. If voltage to low like 4,8V due (to little power => <400mA). The sensors does not have 3V3 anymore.

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My power supply was 6 V 2.1 A, so that’s clearly not the problem.

I also have a few 12V power supplies. I guess the Arduino can handle that as well.