ERROR MAX TEMP on start gcode


Since the repetier software is using the Cura engine I tought of using Cura , so I can use 1 program for all diferent printers.
So I’ve managed to get the same functional code in Cura as is made in the repetier programm.
See the image here:

The only diference is that the M109 is generated on a different time in the code.
Repetier = after the Z axis has gone down to Z=0.3mm
Cura = before the Z axis has gone down.

What happens with the Cura code , is that while going down 4cm of the 7,5 the printer stops and goes into error.
“ERROR MAX TEMP, please reset”.

I’ve tried preheating it to 190°C and then moving the Z-axis down with the control command, then this error does not occur.
So this must mean there is no deffect in the wires of the temperature sensor.

–> is this firmware related? Does the printer do any check while going down?