Extruder collides into the stage

We bought a new Vertex nano, the first print came out fine. But with the second print onwards the extruder continues to go down and hit the stage, damages the stage. I have no idea what makes this happen. I tried to do the z-axis calibration, but it doesn’t help when printing. This is very strange. Any help?

Do you have try a manuel z-axis calibration after the first print?
If Yes: Before you do the z-axis calibration it is necessary to reset the printer settings! If you use the gcode-Files from the Instruction page (http://manuals.velleman.eu/article.php?id=534) it should be automatical. If you do the manuel way you must do it self the reset before.
There ist a bug in the Marlin firmware. If you try to do multiple axis calibrations without an reset of the printer settings there will store false axis offset information.
If you want to do calibrations without lose the other settings you must change the printer firmware.



Yes, that was it! It needed to be reset and now it works the correct height. Thanks a lot! I should have asked this earlier, before I damaged my stage a few times :frowning:

But nonetheless, Thanks!