Extruder not heating up anymore

My extruder was working fine but all of the sudden while the printer was printing it got an error message saying something like “preventing cold extrusion”. The temp was 25 degrees (celcius). So I killed the print, cleaned the bed. Started the print again but still the extruder is not heating up anymore.

The sensor seems to be working, saying 25/26 degrees (room temperature). I cannot find my multimeter anywhere at the moment, but it seems all of the sudden the extruder is not getting any power anymore.

Someone knows how to fix this? I only have the printer up and running for a month now or so.

Same problem here …
Probably the 10 pins connector on top of your printer with the heater connection (grey wire) is making bad contact or , as I found out, totally burned … :frowning:

just a possible cause…

Thx for your reply. But exacly my printer is not that old, almost new. And I didn’t have it running for that long. Usually it takes quite some time for damage like you have to occur. My 10 pin connector looks absolutely fine. No damage at all, same for the wires. So I think my problem probably has another cause. Maybe the heater cartridge?

Looking for this issue I also found people who had the exact same issue you have. Some of them soldered a wire directly to the PCB. Maybe that will solve your problem for you too?


Anyone has any idea where I can get a new pcb for the extruder even through I am not sure this will be the fix. I measured 15v leaving the motherboard, but 0,0 at the extruder itself. This is the second time my printer has a defect, first it had a slipping pulley which had too large holes. At assembly the spacers for the display were too long. And now I am still trying to finish the first print job, consisting of multiple parts… obviously had to print one more and got this new defect… great.

Anyone? Or do I need to trow out this thing out of the window?

The key to solving any problem like this is to divide and conquer. Isolate the faulty component(s) by testing everything.

Do you know for a fact that the supply voltage is reaching the connector? Measure to see if you have proper 15v at the extruder end of the wiring harness. You could have faulty wiring or a faulty extruder board, or perhaps some other problem.