Filament detection problem, the source of all evil?


While disassembling one of my extruders, here’s what I found:

This is the filament detector. It’s a simple push button. As long as it’s pushed, the printer knows there’s filament going through the extruder. See how it’s angled? See why? The clog under the pcb… A cold solder? Mmmh…

Let’s take it apart, resolder this clog, eliminate the excess of tin, flatten it:

Place it back on the extruder backface

That’s looking straight now! With room to align it before tightening it strongly with the screw on it’s rear face!

Mount it back on the printer. My printer’s been running since now about 11 hours, no false detection…

The other one has my accessory on, that also helps, give it a shot, it’s simple to print!

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