Function VM202N buttons completely different


Hi there,

Recently I bought a VM202N, connected the push buttons according to the manual. The unit plays MP3 well after power-up, so it seems to work fine. What puzzles me, is that the 3 push buttons behave COMPLETELY different as described.
The “PREV” button works as volume-up and the “NEXT” button as volume down. The PLAY/PAUZE button seems to have no function.

This can’t be a coincidence. Are there hidden functions in this module which I have accidentally triggered? For instance by accidently raising the supply voltage higher than 5 V for an instant…?


I experienced the same behaviour. Could you solve the Porblem? or is there someone from velleman who could comment on that?


Has anybody tried using different resistor values with the switches?
I found some IC data (AC1082, hsc-u005) with all kinds of functions depending on the voltage at the “key” input.