Help sourcing parts..?


long story short, I live in the US. I’m trying to locate parts for my printer due to some issues and a possibly damaged belt. I’ve been unable to get any help from local velleman dealers and I was wondering if someone might point me in the direction of a place that ships to the US from the UK or wherever else might have the parts.

I’m looking for the following specifically:

BELT6T2.5-180 - X2 180X6MM T2.5 BELTS
BELT6T2.5-685 - X2 685X6MM T2.5 BELTS
BELT6T2.5-670 - X2 670X6MM T2.5 BELTS

it appears that i can source the 180mm belts from allied however the 685mm and 670mm belts are seemingly impossible to locate from any of the usual sources and even via more questionable ones like alibaba.

Any advice or suggestions someone might be able to provide would be greatly appreciated.



Hi stalfos,

I got a French and Dutch shop for you, both with the belts in stock.

Good luck


AWESOME! Thanks a lot! Hopefully I’ll be able to get something shipped this way. Greatly appreciated! =D


Quick update, Unfortunately it looks like neither of these sites will ship to the US, though they do appear to have the parts in stock. I’ll continue my search. Thanks either way! =)


I don’t know where you are located, but here in Massachusetts we have an excellent electronics dealer and Velleman distributor that may have the parts you seek. I don’t know if they will ship stuff out, but you could give You-Do-It Electronics a call:


I just sent them a parts request email. Hopefully they’ll be able to help me out! Thanks for the heads up!