Hotend is leaking

Hi all,
My K8200 with the 0.35MM DIRECT DRIVE EXTRUDER is printing fine now. But I recognized that filament comes of the hotend during longer prints. So, I diasassembled the hotend and cleaned all parts. I cut a new pice of PTFE tube at the exact lenght and put all together again. But there is still some leaking. I print PLA at 190 degrees. What could I do to stop leaking?

Is it possible you are cutting the PTFE tube to long?
Could you post a picture of the leak?

I did a precise cut as mentioned in the velleman manual.

You may need to remove the hotend and tighten it while it’s hot
You also need a fan blowing in the heat break.
Also you should not let the plastic touch the hotend like that.
That accidentally happened to mine.
It caught on fire.
Glad I was there.

Hi Wrong_Way,

Thank’s for your hints. The plastic does not touch the hotend. I see, on the picture it looks like it touches the hotend. But this is because of the perspective the picture was taken.
So, I need a second fan for cooling the heat break. How did you connect your fan?
I think It would be a good idea to control fan speed or even turn it on and off using the velleman control unit.