How to start using the K8200


I have completed the physical build. Vellleman has printed better manuals. Good thing I know how to build stuff.

The start up manual…where is it?
en_use_001 - THE BASICS.pdf This is not it
usermanual_k8200.pdf This is not it either

this product has been sold for how long? and still no user manual?


You’ll find the manual here


When setting the reference voltage for the steppers.
0.55 is the sweet spot do not go over 0.6 as this will cause them to over heat and cause problems.
The newest version of repetier for the K8200 is in this link 0.95F
It has the ini files and drivers as part of the install so you can skip the install of 0.84 in the manual.


Thank you very much for your help I burned 2 hours trying to figure this out before giving up and just asking for help.