HOw to unclog nozzel of a vertex delta


I think I my nozzel may be blocked. My extrudermotor started clicking after 1h30min print and there is no filament comming out. But I can’t find the information on how to unclog the nozzel.

I tried heating the nozzel to 220° and pushing the fillament true by hand but that didn’t do anything (don’t even know I did it the correct way)

Could anybody help me with that?
Do I need to unscrew the whole extruder block to reach the nozzel?


Hello Huycke,

If it doesn’t help to heat up the printhead to 240°C for unclogging, the only thing that helps is unscrew the whole nozzle. Follow these steps to dissasemble the printhead: If this doesn’t help, place a ticket here so we can help you further.

Velleman support