HPG1mk2 Output Voltage

We recently purchased the HPG1mk2 for portable signal generation and testing on our equipment.

When powered on the high output voltage reads 8.1V, but as soon as we connect the unit to any kind of device the output voltage drops to below 4V.

Example is attaching the unit to a basic test tone speaker or to a 50Ohm input on digital oscilloscope and Voltage output on the unit is shown as ~3.8V, and also measured on the scope at the same level.

Is this correct functionality? We were expecting the 8Vpp output to be consistent when attached to any device, not just when the device is turned on but not terminated.

Please advise, as we require at least consistent 5Vpp levels of output for our testing purposes and will have to look elsewhere if the unit cannot produce this result.


This is normal behavior.
There is a 50ohm series resistor on the output.
Adding your 50ohm’s you’re effectively making a voltage divider.
Explaining thus this behaviour.

Best Regards