I do have a com5 port, connection with the printer sometimes

Altough I have a com5 port, without errors, and am able to connect with the printer sometimes. But I haven’t managed to print anything.
The printer does work with the laptop of my collegae.

I try to print form SD but can’t find a manual how to.

I deleted te repetier and drivers, started up my computer, installed againg first driver than repitier. Not working. Uninstalled, rebootede changed the installation order, nope.

Changed virtual from 5 to 2. Nope

I’ve got three USB ports on my laptop, none of them.

Arduino does get connection, but an error on Marlin.

Help? I’m an absolute NewBe and desperate…

Oh, it is a Vertex K8400

Once you slice a project save the gcode to your hard drive.
Preview tab–> G-Code Editor tab icon of a floppy.
Copy the Gcode to your SD card.
Insert the SD card into the K8400 select the project and print.

Have you checked device manager for the com port?

I managed to fixe the problem. Upgraded the Merlin firmware, adjusted the virtual port and Voila… Results