I have an issues with my 3D pinter

when i want to print someting the pin keeps hitting the printplaat in the same spot.

I assume you are talking about the K8400.
Did you go through the calibration?
See this link.

No sorry, i have a Vertex Delta 3D printer K8800. and when i go through calibritionthe nozze keeps crashing into the printplaat on de same spot. but i also noticed that on that spot the LED does not flash as bright as on other places on the plaat.

You may have a defective Piezo or motherboard.
However I think I would try to adjust it a little before turning in a trouble ticket.

I did try that i even try on the highste but i stil have the same problem on the same spot.

Could you post a picture of the printer?

Yeah, a detailed picture might help

It’s also important you clean the bottom of the glassplate with isopropylalcohol.


What else could be used instead of isopropylalcohol ?

Dish detergent or “windex” glass cleaner should also work.

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