I just bought a Vertex Delta printer

So, I’ve wanted a 3d-printer for a while now and my friends got me a 3d-printer for my birthday. They bought me a Vertex Delta model on FACTS (Ghent, Belgium) and Velleman delivered it this week. The thing is. It arrived, and we started putting it together, but I cant get into contact with support this weekend since they are only open during weekdays.

Hence this post, I am coming to reddit to ask for some help on what to do, So I can act fast in case something needs to be done. I have the printer installed but after installation I was trying to do the calibration, it said that I should tap the printpad and see if the lights turned on under it. They don’t, their tutorial on setup said that that might be caused by a faulty motherboard. But I have too little experience to make a call on what to do.

I saw it too late about the motherboard and it made a pretty deep scratch into the printbed. I just hope nothing is broken, I turned it off as soon as I noticed.