IMPORTANT: Upgrade your Vertex to firmware 1.4


New firmware version 1.4 for the Vertex 3D printer

Updated firmware 1.4 has been released for the Vertex 3D Printer. This firmware addresses a critical issue of uncontrolled nozzle heating while in the “load filament menu” as well as in the “show firmware” menu. Users are advised to perform this upgrade to avoid any issues. This new firmware also adds LED control via the LCD panel or via Gcode to drive the K8403 LED add-on.

The firmware files can be found on the download page of the Vertex 3D Printer:

You can update the firmware on your printer using the instructions on the manuals page.

When you have uploaded the newer version of the firmware you must not forget to reload the EEPROM settings. This will update the stored values on the printer as these are not updated via the Arduino upload process. Go to the SETTINGS menu, then scroll down until you see RESTORE FAILSAFE, access this menu and the firmware will load the new values into the EEPROM, next choose the STORE MEMORY menu (also in the SETTINGS menu) to store the new values. DO NOT FORGET THIS STEP!!


After updating the firmware 1.4 I can no longer print only on my 2nd extruder. In the Repetier 1.6.2. is Extruder 2 selected. On the printer the temperature is read from the 2 extruders. When viewing the firmware on the printer it tells firmware 1.4 and 2 heads read.
Thanks a lot.


Please add some improvements:
After printing:
-The fan of the extroders let it turn until the temperature has dropped.
-Pulling the filament back until there is no more tension
This is to prevent the filament from thickening in the printer-head. At the start of a new printing jop, the problem is hiding the filament in the printer-head

When printing:
-Give us the possibility to print back with only the second extruder

thanks Bart


Just wanted to print. Have it turn off. The temperature remained at 147 °c but after the a reset, the temperature had already gone through to + 400 °c!!! Take your responsibility and solve the problems. Plaece!!!