Ineffective or defective extrusion ventilator?

I have problems with the Vertex Nano printer. I am sure we assembled it correctly but problems keep appearing. I had a problem with clogging of the PLA inside the heatsink. After I replaced the teflon tubing I got the same problem. The PLA tubing was blocking the teflon tube, so no PLA came out of the printhead. After some hard thinking I found that the ventilator in the heatsink is not working properly (start and stop and making a lot of noise). Because of that, the heat sink is heating up so the PLA start to melt inside the head and everything is blocking. Do anybody else have this issue.

I need to replace the ventilator first and then again change the teflon tubing as the tubing is deformed inside the heatsink.

Can I change the ventilator to a more effective type or reposition it. Or is there something else I can do to make sure the printer will keep printing after a while.

I bought this vertex Nano 3D printer as a first3D experience for my 14 year old son but until now it has been a huge disappointment. I guess at this price you will only get something mediocre

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Please post a ticket at for a new fan.

Also please post a picture of the hotend assembly just for checking if it’s assembled correctly

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