Initial hotend purge doesn't stick to build plate


I don’t have any issues printing with my K8800 except that the initial hotend purge doesn’t stick… so when the print kicks off after purge the ball of PLA will travel with the head. This as you’d expect causes failure right from the start. I have to sit and be ready to grab the ball of plastic off the nozzle each time, once I do the prints are perfect.

Any ideas?


There’s something strang happening with the startup sequence since a few updates of cura.
here’s a topic that fix that issue

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Thank you, I will give this a try. BTW, if anyone else needs to use the above bit of code and they use Ultimaker Cura, go to Preferences -> Printers -> Pick the printer you’ve configured -> Machine Settings and finally, in the “Start G-Code” box, right at the bottom you’ll find the 3 original lines copy paste the 4 provided lines over the 3 there (easier).

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Ok, this kind of worked better. It didn’t plow the hot end into the blob and drag it along, however, it did pick it up and try to carry it. The head being higher did make it easier for me to snag it before the print started.

It still looks like the head isn’t quite close enough to the bed maybe to get get good adhesion to the bed? Not sure, but certainly a little better.

I changed this from:

G4 S3 ; Wait 3 seconds


G4 S2 ; Wait 2 seconds

Now the blob seems to be sticking to bed properly.

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