Not being an electronics hobbyist I have to confess failure in trying to make sense of the style of instructions Velleman provide with modules.
For example, I recently sent a supplier a description of the behaviour I needed from a unit and was supplied with a VM188… The graphics supplied instead of proper verbal instructions were awful, and the supplier was unable to offer any help. This meant that I had to try various combinations of connections before finding that it just would not do what I had specified. I consulted a specialist who confirmed, almost immediately, that I had been sold the wrong module.
I do wish Velleman would provide proper instructions in plain English. I can understand the wish to provide graphics to cover a wide range of languages, but for me they are even worse than the vast majority of Chinese instructions in mangled English.
Come on, Velleman - my vital project has been delayed by this waste of time and effort. A picture, in this case, is not worth a thousand words!