iPad app no longer works, and has disappeared from store


I wanted to use my WFS210 today, for the first time in a few months, but that iPad app seems to have become non-functional: I get visual feedback when pressing the controls but nothing more happens.

Then I went to the app store (to check whether a new version or a new app was available, possibly) and I found that the app has completely disappeared…

This has me a bit worried, especially because there seems to be no information on the Velleman website (for example about the app being temporarily retracted or something).

Can anyone tell me what the story is?


Sorry for the inconvenience.
We’ll check with the App store right away.


The app can be found on iTunes

Or through the store on your tablet


Indeed, the app is now normally available in the App Store… Must have been a glitch yesterday (or I did something wrong). And the installed version also started working for me again today.

Sorry for the confusion,


No problem, happy to read that it works.