IR not working when not connected with the laptop


My 4-leg ALLBOT (VR408) works well with IR controls when connected with the USB cable to the laptop. But as soon as it is disconnected from the laptop, it stops recognizing the IR and goes into the demo mode. I made sure that the switch is set to Receive.


I’m not sure if this is the problem or if you did it but there is a line or 2 that needs to be changed in the code for the IR you can find the instructions here.
also the switch on the servo board should not be in PROG mode


I know about this line:

boolean IRreceive = true;

and the switch is RECEIVE mode, but still not working. Interestingly, IR works when the robot is connect to the laptop via USB cable.


This is strange
I wounder if there is an open going to the IR receiver like maybe it’s not getting power
Just another guess are all of the pins aligned going in to the Arduino?


I think I’ve resolved it. It was the battery issue. The batteries were strong enough for the demo mode. They were also strong when supplemented with the power from the USB cable, but not sufficient when just on IR. Strange, but the lower power over cable was the hint.