Isn't moving just shivering


I have download the example code for the VR204 (two leg) robot and it work fine when i don’t use IR-transmitter. When I change “IRreceive boolean = false;” to true and download the program to the robot again, the robot starts to shiver like it´s trying to make some movements or something. I try to press buttons in the allbot app on the mobile but nothing happens. I have tried to high and lower the volyme (the IR lamp indicate that i press buttons). I don’t know if I have missed something, i am new at this, any ideas?

Ps I have a mega-card not UNO, can that be a problem?

Yes check if the pins correspond with the one you’re using in your program.
Also move the blue shunts accordingly

I have checked that the pins is consistent with the Code and the blue shunts is in mega position. But i have still the same problem.

BOT.attach(hipLeft, 32, 90, 1, 0);
BOT.attach(hipRight, 24, 90, 0, 0);
BOT.attach(ankleLeft, 33, 90, 1, 0);
BOT.attach(ankleRight, 23, 90, 0, 0);

The robot works well when I not have IR enabled.

I have the same problem, but on an Uno board. Demo mode works great, but when I switch to IR nothing happens. I pulled apart the IR unit and it has the correct solder.

The app I’m using is the iPhone one. The IR dongle lights up.

I have two robots VR204 and VR408. I have the same problem. Demo mode works, after switching to IR nothing. The LED on VR001 is working properly and the IR LED is also working.
There is the same problem on both robots. I’m using Arduino UNO and Samsung S5.
Sorry, I’m from Poland, I know English on average, please help me solve the problem with VR001.