Issue with extruder

Hello all,

I have just finished the calibrating of my K8200 (all original parts). But on my first tries to print (PLA) I have some issues with the extruder. The filament comes not continuously out of the extruder and it will not stay at the plate (see picture).
I used all standard configurations from the assembly document.
Any ideas what causes the problem?

Thanks for helpprint-small

In the instructions it says to adjust the stepper drivers to 0.425volts
set all of the drivers to 0.55 this is best do not go over 0.6 this will cause them to over heat and cause problems.
Check the bolt that goes through the large gear make sure it is not to tight.
There are 2 bolts that should have been filed down make sure they are not rubbing on anything.
You might try spaying a lite layer of hairspray on the bed.
PLA prints best at 190C Bed 60C make sure your room is warm enough as well

Thanks for the infos. I will do these improvements for the next print.
I noticed that the diameter of the filament from the kit is 1,75mm.
So I will order some with 3mm. Or is there a quick way to change it?


The only way to change the stock K8200 to 1.75mm is to install the K8203