Issues after E3D upgrade

I need some help in tuning my K8400.

Everything was working fine before the upgrade. PLA printing at 195C@ 42mm/s with a 0.35mm nozzle.

I wanted more and better prints, so I bought an E3D V6 and printed this setup.
At first I used the original thermistor that came with the k8400. That gave me fairly good results, but I got into some feeding issues. Firtst print no issue, second print blocked nozzle. I can see the tension being build up in the ptfe tube and than there is a click from the extruder.

Preheating the printer to 210 mostly solved that issue. But the results for prints, like shafts, or any of these result in a hairy print. From layer 50 (or so) the extruder just stops feeding anyway.

So I changed the thermistor to the original E3D. Checked the fw setting only to find that it is already set to the correct thermistor setting “TEMP_SENSOR_N 5”, which is strange, because the original thermistor is clearly a different one.

Now I need to print at at least 230C to get the PLA even flowing. If it prints, the prints look fine up until the print get a little tricky, with bends etc… The prints still fail most of the time because the extruder just stops

I will post some pics later.

So in short: Changed to E3d V6 with .30 nozzle, prints fail or look really bad. I need to print at 230C using pla. With the old thermistor @195C

I Check for mechanical issues, but I cant find any. Nothing is broken or sticking.
I use a 40mm cooling fan

I am out of ideas at the moment. Any help is appreciated.

I check the thermistor resistance e3d = 106ohms @22C The original thermistor show 93ohms@22C

So what setting should I use in the firmware?
Did another test, I can touch and hold 50C? That can be right.

This is what I am experiencing It is my setup.