K1803 : humpf buzz sound



This is me first attempt at a velleman kit.
I’ve put together a k1803, powered it with a 9v battery.
This is preamp goes between an old record player that doesn’t need RIAA correction (shellac 78rpm), and a line entry on a modern amp.

I notice a lot of noise through the speakers.

If I touch the wire cable from the turntable output, there is less noise.

Trouble is there is no extra ground wire on the turntable, like on modern turntable.

I can make a new one, but where to hook it up from and to ?

Thanks for your help :wink:


Most likely it is due to poor shielding and/or a hum loop.
Can you supply a link to a hook-up diagram and pics of your hook-up so that we can take a look?