K1803 Mono Preamp

Can this be run from a 5 volt supply? I need to amplify uV signals to use a dynamic mic in place of an electret mic.

Hi @bges,

Unfortunately, the K1803 needs at least 10V to be operational.
You can use the VMA402 to boost your 5V to 10V, or use a 5V based amplifier (like the MM210) instead of the K1803.

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I would like help on how to feed my preamp, I have:

  • toroidal transformer 25-0-25 (2.41A)
  • tda7293 amplifier

I’d like to feed the preamp (12v; 0.01a) and a fan (12v; 0.18a) with the same transformer straightening the current before the connections. What connections and what kind of resistances should I use? Thanks in advance